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A manifesto for mistakers

The Crazy Ones are all honest Mistakers
The Misfits, The Renegades, The Troublemakers.
They change things

Making mistakes is an honorable pursuit
While the search for perfection is clearly the root
Of not getting much done

If you give yourself permission to make those mistakes
If you’re learning and try not to do double-takes
You’ll be fine

You can’t be a maker unless you’re a mistaker
Because value is never added by those who are takers
Make something

Don’t give away power to people who lust
They will only grind you down into dust
Without feeling

What matters is the story you’re telling yourself
Get the story right and you’ll have something to sell
But, if you don’t buy it first no one else ever will

People look past the surface more and more every day
Substance and feeling good are what they’re willing to pay
To experience

People want to know what you really stand for
They want to know who you are at the core
Let them see you

It’s the experience folks have somewhere deep in their hearts
That is going to set what you do apart
Give them something to feel

Mistakes make you accessible to everyone else
Instead of perfection just show yourself
What is real

Perceptions of truth can change every day
But there’s no substitute for doing what you say
It’s what matters

Everyone has made plenty of honest mistakes
People are turned off when they detect fakes

Beauty without truth is shallow at best
You can’t judge a person by how they are dressed
But watch how they treat people they think are inferior

Superficial beauty is only a shell
That is often used for casting a spell
That is only designed to deceive

Beauty without substance can easily repel
True beauty will have a story to tell
To the hero who hears

Always invest yourself into everything you do
It’s an investment that always pays dividends to you
With compound interest

You can say I don’t know and admit your mistakes
You can change your mind later if that’s what it takes
To be who you are

Keep it simple and real and stay on your path
Stop what you’re doing when you need a bath
And get going again when you’re clean

Everyone is just making it up as they go
Don’t believe anyone who says that they know
Especially if they’re telling you what you should do

So give yourself permission to make honest mistakes
Playfully push until something breaks
And then learn what the experience is teaching

Do good work and count your mistakes as your teachers
Don’t listen to anyone who sounds like a preacher
They always have a private agenda

Experience is the mentor you can always count on
Always there when everyone else has gone
All you have to do is listen when she speaks


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