A Sunday morning sketch

Creativity can happen when ideas collide
Creativity can happen when problems arise
It can happen if you have the right attitude
If you’re relaxed, and open, and in the right mood
And, of course, if your perspective is a little bit skewed

Your imagination will take your mind for a ride
And for an instant you are incredibly wise
But then it boils down to the follow through
Whether you really want to make something new
Or just think about all the other stuff you could do

Because there’s a chance your idea could fall flat
Besides, if you do this, you’ll miss out on that
And you don’t really like being ridiculed
You don’t want people to think you’re a fool
So your latest great idea is once again overruled

So much for your newest creative impulse
You have plenty of ideas but you’re short on results
The ideas are easy, and that’s their attraction
But they’re just ideas if you never take action
Little more than a momentary distraction

No one gets to call their idea art
The inspiration is one thing but you must do your part
You must invest time and attention and effort
Adding in your own special flavor of clever
Reaching out for just the right amount of forever

But now you wonder why your life seems devoid of real meaning
You yearn for a purpose, you can hear your soul screaming
But deep down you have to know why you can’t commit
You’d rather blame others than let yourself admit
Rather than risk failure, you’d rather just quit

You’d rather be a victim holding on to the past
Setting yourself up to not even finish last
You quit before you ever get started
In your mind you’re a misunderstood starving artist
But the effort you’ve made hasn’t even been half-hearted

So many ideas squandered, so much talent wasted
You’d rather make everything so complicated
Rather than do something simple and make a mistake
You’d rather just start off with doing something great
Keep it up and one day it’s gonna be too late

Try taking a small step and let it lead to the next
Slowly build a reputation and credibility and respect
Practice your skills to the point they’re automatic
Practice every day so that practice is a habit
This is the best way to create your magic

Stick to one thing instead of skipping around
Mistakes are just lessons, don’t let them bring you down
Write down all your ideas, but stick to mastering one skill
This will take courage and discipline and will
But it will also lead to one of life’s greatest thrills

Mastery leads you to the best that life has to offer
You just have to ignore the trolls and the scoffers
When you need it don’t hesitate to ask for some help
The only person you really have to please is yourself
And eventually you’ll have a great story to tell


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