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Before you will dare

Before you will dare, you’ve got to care
You must want something you’ve never had
You experience a scare, or your soul gets laid bare
Sometimes it just takes getting mad

You’re past taking guff, when you’ll have to get tough
You know you want it more than a little
You even want it enough, you’re willing to play rough
So you make sure you don’t become brittle

Caring it seems, is the root of all dreams
So care about something that matters
When your life has a theme, there is no need for schemes
Or worry if you’re never flattered

Caring transcends, because there’s no end
The best strategy is always resilience
Be willing to bend, not break in life’s wind
That’s how you’ll discover your brilliance

Your care is your guide, it won’t be denied
Your care is the source of your urging
It becomes easy to decide, your restlessness subsides
It’s the treasure for which you are searching

Before you will dare, you’ve got to care
Then your path will stretch out before you
It’s not a burden to bear, or an answer to your prayers
It’s just struggle and that’s what sees you through

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