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Isn’t it ironic how life turns around
You made a mistake, got slammed to the ground
You betrayed your lover, something you regret
You still haven’t gotten over it yet

You shared your emotions in a vulnerable moment
With a friend whom you thought was a noble woman
You thought your confidence would be respected
When she told others, you felt rejected

Rejected and betrayed, that made you fume
You wanted to throw things across the room
You focused on you and the blow you’d been dealt
Without acknowledging that betrayal is what your lover felt

With time perhaps you will gain perspective
Investing some time in being reflective
This is your life, but it’s not all about you
It’s about the way you treat others, too

We can all forgive, but we can’t forget
We can never eliminate a selfish mindset
We must forgive others without making excuses
So we can forgive ourselves after we’ve been stupid

After all, we are all, just human beings
Focussed in our worlds of personal feelings
But the coldness in your heart will eventually melt
When you can empathize with how your lover felt

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