woman running on snow covered mountain

But what does fear fear

You’ve heard it said, it’s been often quoted
We have nothing to fear but fear itself
And yet, what does fear fear
Does fear fear satisfaction
Is fear afraid of certainty and confidence
Does it cower in the face of inspired action
Does it recoil at the prospect of genuine courage
That has emerged from pure passion
Does it run from the present to seek refuge
In the uncertainty of the future

Or could it be that fear itself is fearless
And stands resolute under assault
But wouldn’t this mean that fear
Lacks its own essence
And at its core is not anything like
What it appears to be
Could it be that fear and its direct effects
Are completely imagined
Implied and not actual
That we put them in front of us
And fear simply does nothing
To convince us we are wrong

Could it be that we have nothing to fear
From fear itself
That what we should fear is really ourselves
Our own absence of satisfaction
With who we are in the moment
The gap between who we are
And who we want to be
Our lack of confidence and certainty
Our deficiency of inspired action
The void within us that could be filled
By genuine courage emerging from pure passion
Instead we run up a long slippery slope
From the present to seek refuge
In the uncertainty of the future


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