Breaking Things

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Is nothing something that doesn’t existCan someone do nothing if they don’t resistIs nothing everything, just with a twistLike you and I are reflections of all that isTraveling through time to no destinationNo reason, no purpose, just part of creation Like your shadow is not really who you areBut an atom could be a distant …

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If you’re ever wondering, “What should I do?”

If you’re ever wondering, “What should I do?”Your top priority should be caring for youEspecially if you have an obligationFor the well-being of friends and other relations If caring for you is your prime pursuitIt’s easier to resolve all other disputesWhen it comes to choosing what you should doThink about the way that interest accrues …

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Why me?

Now and then it happens, nothing seems to go your wayYou wanted black and white, but got a weird new shade of grayYou know you must keep going, shoveling sand against the tideSwimming circles in the sewer asking can it be this wideWhy me? Why did this shit happen, you’re making puns about the crapThen …

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