Poetry for Big Kids

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Poetry is

Poetry is a way of asking questionsThat cannot be asked with proseOf looking at thoughts as subtle suggestionsThat take you where they want you to goOf ideas based on gentle impressionsOf knowing because you knowOf answers in search of unasked questionsOf music that can’t be composedOf the beat that underlies the resonanceOf the silence between …

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Greed and Corruption are seductive hosts

We are still dropping bombsWhile people starve and live hand-to-mouth on the streetsWe still have our air-conditioning and well stocked fridgesWhile other people evacuate homes beset with catastropheFloods, fires, rising tides, drought, famine, war, mass executions and plaguesEverything is for sale, it isn’t personal, it’s only business, you knowBut it turns out everything is personalCorporations …

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poetry for big kids - 09-19-2021 - by steve rigell - http://poetryforbigkids.com/the-art-of-failing-is-not-hard-to-master

The art of failing is not hard to master

The art of failing is not hard to masterYou don’t need to wait for a natural disasterYou don’t need instruction from an expert taskmasterYou don’t need the blessing of your local pastor Or the prognostications of a trained forecasterIf you have a choice, don’t fail slowly, fail fasterEither way it will happen before you’re ready, …

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