Poetry for Big Kids

laughing just to hear the sound

To be human

To be human is to admit you’ve made plenty of mistakesThen there’s also feeling pain in your heart when it breaksAnd of course, there’s experiencing the suddenness of fearThere’s also grieving, and sometimes shedding tearsWe can’t leave out experiencing feelings of self-doubtAnd sometimes just having to let your anger outOccasionally you may feel like you …

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Fathers and sons

We want our fathers to be perfect

We want our fathersTo be perfect, to glow In the dark to banishOur fears to hold usClose even when we Push them away evenWhen we blame themBecause they didn’t doWhat we wanted them to We don’t understandThey haven’t been fathersBefore and haven’t figuredOut how to do those thingsThat make our hearts singAnd we don’t know howIt feels …

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Comfort and growth are mutually excusive by steve rigell @ poetryforbigkids.com

Comfort and growth are mutually exclusive

When your quest for progress is proving elusiveRemember comfort and growth are mutually exclusiveThere’s no metric that will measure spiritual progressionNo comparison will suffice, it’s all surrender and acceptance The requirement is to get out of your comfort zoneAnd interact with things that you’ve never knownThat’s when you grow, that’s how progress is madeBut no one …

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