Poetry for Big Kids

smiling girl in white crew neck t-shirt and blue denim shorts

Every interaction is a training session

Every interaction is a training session where you teach people how to treat youIt starts well before you give anyone the opportunity to greet youYour posture, your smile or the lack thereof, indicate at a distanceYour general mood and attitude and the likelihood of resistance Then, of course, there’s your dress and you cleanliness and …

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woman in beige coat smiling

Confidence is a good thing until it isn’t

Everyone admires the person with confidenceConfidence is so much flashier than ordinary competenceIt gets things done with pizzazz and panacheTaking the risks that to others seem rash Confidence has flamboyance that’s fun to observeIt has flair and style and glamour and verveConfidence confidently pushes the limitsTaking risks not considered by someone more timid And the …

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multicolored abstract painting

Creating art is a dangerous profession

Being yourself feels dangerous because, in a sense, you’re excluding yourselfYou’re basically telling the rest of the world, that you’re different from everyone elseBut as scary as it feels, you can still pull it off, without alienating your friendsWhat scares you the most though, is all the strangers, you don’t really want to offend They …

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grayscale photo of a man wearing hoodie

There is so much tragedy

There is so much tragedy, it’s all aroundSenseless tragedy, fears aboundPreventable tragedy, people shut downLiving forests turning brown Children laugh then forget the soundGrow up to put on lifelong frownsPretenders wearing plastic crownsHomes becoming battlegrounds Isolated into warring tribesEvil is how each side describesThose who oppose their superiorityBut especially if they’re a brown minority Today …

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blue lighted mushrooms

Don’t lose the magic

Magic is what creative people doThey make something from nothing, something brand newOne person’s magic can’t be shared by anotherNot even someone close like a sister or brotherIt’s intensely personal and you know when you’ve got itYou’ve got something special, even something exotic Magic is loose and experimentalMagic is curious and isn’t judgmentalMagic is simple …

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