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Choosing people for your team

Would you rather relax first then later do the work
Get your reward first on the chance you might shirk
Or does it make sense to do the hard work now
And take your pleasure later when time will allow

These are the approaches that most people employ
One of them you can build on, the other will destroy
When you’re selecting new people to add to your team
Choose people who scheme the way that you scheme

It is at this level that the chemistry starts
You have to know what’s in each other’s hearts
Don’t let someone else’s concerns about uncertainty
Cause you to create unnecessary adversity

One way or another, your team is your tribe
But it could be any term you use to describe
The people you count on and who count on you
The people whom you feel responsible to

Your tribe, your community, your people, your team
People who share the same vision and dream
People you can count to do their part
People who are bonded together at the heart

Your team must absolutely have this connection
One part respect and one part affection
One part trust, one part will to survive
And a little bit of something no one can describe

These are the people that you want to choose
People you can count on when you don’t want to lose
These are the people you want to select
If you want to operate with maximum effect


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