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Communication isn’t really about the words that you say

Communication isn’t really about the words that you say
It’s more about the how, and the why, and the way
It’s more about the tone, and expressions you make
It’s more about your rhythm, the cadence and breaks
It’s more about what isn’t said, the subtext implied
Not so much about how much you are being amplified
It’s more about the spirit that you manage to infuse
Than it is about the words you so carefully choose

It isn’t how many words, but how fast or slow
That you speak when you are talking about what you know
It’s the confidence you project, rather than the phrases
That communicates credibility, that establishes the basis
For the real information, the points you get across
Words are just noises without this secret sauce
You’ll be a lot more convincing, with this in your head
Your communication has little, to do with what’s said

You use fewer words, when understanding is deeper
You repeat yourself less, when your intentions are cleaner
You make your point stronger, when you know all the facts
But it’s really emotions, that cause people to act
When you’re speaking with feeling, you audience knows
And you won’t have to worry about whether they doze
When you create experiences, that involve other folks
You connect to their souls, though their dreams not your hopes


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