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Confidence is a good thing until it isn’t

Everyone admires the person with confidence
Confidence is so much flashier than ordinary competence
It gets things done with pizzazz and panache
Taking the risks that to others seem rash

Confidence has flamboyance that’s fun to observe
It has flair and style and glamour and verve
Confidence confidently pushes the limits
Taking risks not considered by someone more timid

And the times where the risk-taking gets the result
The risk-taker has a chance to exult
Once again reinforcing that confidence really is
Superior, or, that’s what the theory is

So confidence keeps breeding more of itself
Until it thinks it doesn’t need any help
Breeding more confidence till the time is ripe
And under pressure fails to live up to its hype

It fails to practice and refuses to train
All that repetition is just a derriere pain
So confidence slacks off and lets down its guard
And that is when confidence really goes down hard

It’s a lesson that confidence has to relearn
Like your hand in the flame means you’re going to get burned
When you think you are better than everyone else
You end up proving the opposite to yourself

Better to balance confidence with humility
Now there’s a combination that we rarely see
But when it’s authentic it’s really hard to stop
That’s the kind of confidence that can stay at the top

Photo by Etty Fidele via unsplash.com


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