orange fire on black background

Everyone is conservative

Every one of us humans has something to conserve
Driven by the futures we feel we deserve
Everyone of us humans puts ourselves in a fire
That we feed with the stuff of our dreams and desires
Some fires are raging, some of them just embers
Some burn in January, some burn in Octember

When our fires are in conflict we want to preserve
So we fight for our dreams and refuse to observe
So our fires start to burn us, to eat at our flesh
And our dreams cease to feed us, becoming a mesh
In which we are caught, unwilling to agree
Enslaved to our beliefs, we’re no longer free

We’re only conservatives, fighting for the life
Of abstract concepts that only fuel strife
Conservatives all fighting against one another
Sister against mother, father against brother
Letting people die so that our dream can live
Unwilling to see, our opportunities to give

As the distances widen between all the fires
To make our heat felt we must build them higher
The escalation continues until they’re burned out
All the fuel consumed, leaving nothing but doubt
So we slink back to one fire, and learn how to serve
Because each of us humans has something to conserve


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