person standing in front of body of water

Cracks I didn’t notice before

There’s a crack in the glass I’m looking through, I didn’t see it before
Today it catches my eye and I wonder why, now I notice a crack in the floor
Over by that place where the floorboards creak, whenever I’m passing by
Again I wonder why today is the day that I’m finally wondering why

Why, today, do I notice these flaws, and see them for what they are
These flaws that make me think of my own, the ways I am also marred
I look around and see flaws on the door and the walls, they’re all right where they should be
Because on the inside, I’m just like them, when I take a moment to see

I walk down the street, the sidewalk is cracked, the expanse of asphalt is no longer pure black
But I notice whenever I offer my smile, that the people I meet are all smiling back
And I’m thinking I’m not so flawed after all, I’m beginning to overcome my doubt
Then I catch my reflection in a storefront and notice I have put my shirt on inside out


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