green and brown rope on brown loh

Cut yourself loose

You are like a sailboat that’s tied to the pier
You could cross an ocean if it weren’t for your fears
You don’t trust yourself, you know the winds might be fickle
And bad weather can always land you in a pickle

The whole world seems safer when you’re tied to a dock
Especially on a lake that is totally landlocked
You don’t have to worry that you might disappear
Beyond the horizon of our little sphere

You know that we all must weather a few squalls
But who needs waves that are eighty feet tall
Who needs horizons in every direction
With nothing to look at but your own reflection

Who needs the unimagined possibilities
That may or may not be across those vast seas
It’s the unknown that is lurking like a monster in the deep
That keeps you from casting off and taking the leap

You could go around the world, you know you could do it
If there was a good reason for you to pursue it
There are reasons to go and reasons to stay
And you don’t have to decide right now or today

But you still have to wonder and you know you won’t know
Unless you haul in your moorings and let yourself go
You say you may go when everything’s prepared
But that’s just another way of saying you are scared

You’ve been tied to your pier for so long now
Still you dream of that wave being sliced by your bow
You dream about steering away under full sail
But then doubt creeps in and you suddenly feel frail

You dream of casting off, but it feels so unsafe
And daily you deal with what feels like heartbreak
For every good reason, there’s a better excuse
Still you wonder what might happen if you cut yourself loose


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