Photo of two pigeons on a red tile roof

Desperate for meaning an identity

Desperate for meaning and identity
We create them both to mitigate our uncertainty
To molify our rage we create rituals
That help us focus our thoughts
So that whatever we think is what meaning is
A thin film of illusion that guides us
Through the ambiguity beneath it
It isn’t the blind leading the blind
Through eternal darkness
It is the blind thinking they are being led
Somewhere there will be light
Pigeons turning in counterclockwise circles
To make the randomly supplied food pellets
Appear in the tray
Because that is the way
Our brains work
And when it appears we think to ourselves
See, I know what I’m doing
Damn I’m good and
Now that things are more complicated than reality
They are finally starting to make more sense

Photo by Prashant Saini via Unsplash


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