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Don’t lose the magic

Magic is what creative people do
They make something from nothing, something brand new
One person’s magic can’t be shared by another
Not even someone close like a sister or brother
It’s intensely personal and you know when you’ve got it
You’ve got something special, even something exotic

Magic is loose and experimental
Magic is curious and isn’t judgmental
Magic is simple it’s not complicated
Magic is patient and seldom frustrated
Magic is messy and perpetually weird
It’s misunderstood and unjustly feared

Keep in mind magic has a mind of it’s own
The ways of magic can’t totally be known
It’s a little bit mystery and a little bit intent
And a little bit interpreting what you really meant
Suffice it to say magic isn’t a science
So just do what works, there are no rules for compliance

When you’re playing with magic don’t get ahead of yourself
What the magic has in mind may be something else
Magic is what it is, it’s not good or bad
Magic gives of itself, it cannot be had
Magic loves to laugh and expects you to laugh to
You have to learn to laugh when it’s laughing at you

Magic is definitely not at all serious
That’s what makes magic so wonderfully mysterious
When you’re working your magic and you’re tempted to be earnest
Don’t expect it to deliver ideas fully furnished
Your magic will take you where you need to go
You just have to trust that it really does know

You can’t compare your magic to the magic others
Your magic chose you, you don’t get your druthers
Your magic is yours, so you’ve got to be loyal
If you are it will bring you much joy that is joyful
Whatever you do, because you would think it tragic
Don’t take a chance on losing the magic

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