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Don’t worry about what others think they think

What others think they think stinks, but that goes for you, too
Because most people don’t think when they think that they do
They think they’ve had thoughts, but they are mistaken
And would instantly admit it, if they ever awakened
But sleep is so much easier, why take the trouble
Of waking up and thinking, and risk bursting our bubbles

In our dreams our opinions are all justified
We go where the dream goes, we’re along for the ride
If we had to wake up and then had to make sense
Then we’d have to invent reasons for all our pretense
It’s easier to stick with our opinions and winking
And pretending we have thoughts when we’re dreaming of thinking

Thinking requires stillness and logic and reason
Listening to the intuition and awareness of seasons
It requires looking at possibilities with your imagination
And assembling ideas into original collations
Going with the thought flow no matter where it goes
Entertaining ideas that cannot be imposed

So there’s no need to worry what others believe
They really aren’t thinking, they’re just expressing pet peeves
The opinions we agree with, most of them stink, too
They’ve been stinking for ages, because few of them are new
Just do what you do and don’t worry about
The peevish petulance that other folks spout

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