Every breath is a gift

Every breath is a gift you receive
That sustains your body until your spirit leaves
Each breath is a symbol in this world of opposites
Things are what they are because each has a complement
When one act is completes another is begun
One after the other until everything is done
With billions of breaths affirming life every minute
Each person present and participating in it
It’s easy to see that life’s a gift, too
We may take it for granted, but each breath is new
Each breath can be conscious or not even noticed
Like everything in life, regardless of motives
We say take a breath but that’s not how it is
Breaths can’t be taken, they’re not hers or his
The thing is you can’t take a breath and possess it
You must just let it go, breaths aren’t debits and credits
You can’t save your breath for some time in the future
Or borrow one like a habitual moocher
The simple truth is, breaths are all shared
Every person on earth breathes in the same air
Life gives you your breaths so consider them presents
Continual reminders of life’s cycles and essence


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