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Everyone is doing their best

There are slackers and cheaters, scammers and thieves
They’re all around you, like so many leaves
People who want to do less than their share
People who don’t even seem to care
People looking for advantages they can just take
People using excuses it takes no effort to make
People who will tell you what you want to hear
Manipulative people who will just disappear
Dishonest people who will flat out tell lies
People you don’t know because they’re in disguise
People adept at not keeping their word
People who say things that are patently absurd
People with no morals or scruples or code
People you might want to flush down the commode
The things some people do are things you detest
So it’s hard to admit that they’re doing their best

They’re doing their best but it’s not good enough
For some reason they don’t seem to have the right stuff
What drives them to do the things that they do
It’s a total mystery for people like you
It’s easy to write them off as defective
To avoid them like lepers that are highly infective
But what would you do were you in their place
If you looked in the mirror and you saw their face
The pressures you feel aren’t familiar at all
There’s no one you can trust, no one you can call
You’ve been accused and you’re facing conviction
Even though you’ve done nothing that merits suspicion
So you want to lash out, you want to get even
But no one has time to listen to your reasons
Just because you’ve done things you don’t like to confess
Doesn’t mean that you aren’t doing your best

You feel pushed away like you have a disease
You’re uncertain, you don’t know what to believe
People say that you’re lazy and just make excuses
If you believed them you would feel totally useless
You’re not getting any help so what else can you do
If you’re gonna make your mark then it’s all up to you
So you stretch a few rules and bend a few laws
After all it’s for you, there’s no better cause
You do what you have to like anyone else
When it comes down to it you must take care of yourself
Everyone’s deception is their own private vice
You keep your own counsel and pretend to be nice
Smile first and often, say “Have a nice day!”
You know cheating and lying is not really okay
And sometimes this awareness leaves you somewhat depressed
You’re not someone special, but you’re doing your best

We all see the same things but we’re all poles apart
We all think our reality is state of the art
We all need the same things but no need is the same
When differences arise we have a tendency to blame
How then can we arrive at a good common ground
And maybe help everyone else come around
It’s just one little attitude to switch in your mind
Make the switch and you’ll wonder how you could’ve been this blind
Take away everything except the traits we all share
We can’t do our best if we don’t really care
About something or someone that’s what gives our lives meaning
So we can rise above our inclination to be demeaning
To lose touch with the essence only found in our soul
Each of us must in our own lives take control
We must all grade ourselves on life’s most basic test
At the end of the day have we really done our best


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