woman sitting outdoor during daytime

Everyone seems to be coming out

Everyone I know seems to be coming out
In fact, I think maybe that’s what life is about
It isn’t just the sexual identity frontier
It’s everyone who is dealing with personal fears
Disclosing who you are so you can begin
Becoming who you really are inside your own skin
Breaking free of expectations is only the start
Of figuring out who you really are
Free of beliefs that attempt to contain
Spirits that know they can’t be constrained

Coming out of the closet, coming out of your shell
It’s exposing your soul, it’s walking through hell
It’s feeling vulnerable and finally set free
But not knowing how because there’s no recipe
Everyone is doing it because everyone has fears
Things they can’t say to their closest peers
Driven by the feelings of who we really are
With all our wounds healed, and our souls free of scars
Everyone is doing it, no one should hold back
Walk into the light and stand out from the pack

We could all use a little support to succeed
Especially when we know we’re gonna have to bleed
For anyone coming out, please wish them success
Your encouragement may serve to mitigate their stress
Support those coming out and don’t criticize
Help others shed their burdens and learn how to fly
Far above what limits them, what’s holding them back
There won’t be any prizes, no trophies or plaques
But there may be a few lives with less worry and doubt
Than you felt when you were the one coming out


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