man and woman holding hands

Farewell for now

We are standing at a crossroads, one of life’s intersections
Where we are poised to part and go in different directions
On our journey to get here, we all made mistakes
Some of us had our doubts, about having what it takes
Some of us may move on, without saying a goodbye
Some of us will keep going, because we cannot not try
Some of us will choose the work, others choose themselves
Some of us will choose one thing, others something else
But none of us will forget this time that we shared
Because all of us have been changed because all of us cared
Our futures are out there for each of us to figure out
But it’s the trail we walked together that life is about
It’s this moment of parting and the memories we hold
It’s the next step we take whether tentative or bold
When that step is taken the world will each face
Will seem familiar but more difficult to embrace
As uncertainty rises and we relinquish control
Stepping slowly toward horizons that call to our souls
We will all be changed in ways we can’t see
But we will all take with us lessons and memories
So farewell for now, friends, I raise my glass in a toast
Never stop giving your life your utmost
Keep giving until you have given your all
Stay true to your path and always stand tall


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