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To forgive is to move out of your comfort zone
It injures your pride, it can cut to the bone
You think apologies are bad, but forgiveness feels worse
You’d rather do anything instead of reverse
The grudge you’ve been holding, the blame you hold dear
After all, you were wronged, it’s so crystal clear

To forgive is the act that changes it all
When you admit you would rather be standing up tall
Than lurking in a sewer of bitterness and hate
Unwilling to set the record straight
To let go of the anger that’s holding you back
To let go of the urge to go on the attack

Before you forgive, you feel lost in the rough
You may even feel like you’re not good enough
But these feelings are a product of anger and shame
Of dignity lost that you would rather reclaim
And forgiveness feels like a compromise
If you don’t empower yourself to empathize

Ah, forgiveness is hard, but it’s such a relief
A curtain is lifted that exposes a thief
Before you forgive, you have to confess
It was your reaction that caused all your stress
So you first must be willing to forgive yourself
For blaming your pain on somebody else


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