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From gratitude to for granted

From gratitude to for granted is such a short hop
I usually get there without making a stop
What was sufficient is now not enough
What brought simple joy now causes a huff
Yesterday I had a much different perspective
Today that whole picture seems a little bit defective
How can I think of others, how can I be carefree
I’m the only one I can count on to be thinking of me
And then someone does something I didn’t expect
Reflexively nice, not at all circumspect
They hold the door or give me their place in line
Let me into traffic, smile at just the right time
Then I speak an enchantment, as a casual remark
And see a side of life that isn’t so stark
I only hope I never take it for granted
Because the world will definitely lose something enchanted
It’s a powerful phrase, it’s pure magic at work
Somehow it lifts me out of the murk
And suddenly I’ve revised my whole attitude
And I’m moving from for granted back to real gratitude
If you want to see pure magic that’s hard to outdo
Smile at someone and tell them, “Thank you.”

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy via Unsplash


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