silver iMac with keyboard and trackpad inside room

Getting shit done

Will was always busy, but he was under the gun
His boss wanted Will to get a lot more shit done
The pressure was relentless, he couldn’t waste any time
There were chasms to cross and mountains to climb

He got this app and that, to keep track of his lists
He got timers and calendars, to ensure nothing was missed
He got filters and focusers, that were promptly installed
And he wrote down the numbers of everyone he called

He had to be connected twenty-four-seven
He downloaded all the apps, he didn’t even question
Whether what he was doing was actually clever
He had the metrics to prove he was busier than ever

Will recorded every keystroke, each minute was planned
And he thought to himself, productivity is grand
Will was so busy doing, he had no time for thinking
But his numbers were rising, so he couldn’t be sinking

Will knew he must measure in order to manage
So he took any chance to get the slightest advantage
When he looked at his stats at the end of the day
He felt really good, like he had hit on the way

To maximize his potential, by doing more shit
Whether any of it mattered, didn’t matter a bit
Being busy was the feeling that Will really craved
And so he became his company’s slave

Then one sunny day Will’s boss called him in
He said that he didn’t know where to begin
Somehow Will’s job had been automated
It seems that people were becoming outdated

It wasn’t personal at all, but he really had no choice
And he said it all in a tentative voice
Like he was already reading the writing on the wall
When Will walked out, he’d be getting the call

The important thing you see was to get more shit done
That’s just the way this company was run
The executives had decided, even though in their hearts
They knew one day software would be playing their parts


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