foot prints on beach sand

Go ahead and take the first step

You can’t wait for the stars to all be aligned
Sometimes your gut tells you now’s the right time
So you simply wing something into the wind
And start with consequences you didn’t intend

Because you know nothing ventured is also nothing gained
That most first attempts are often constrained
But if you start with something, maybe make a request
There’s a possibility that you will be blessed

Because, if you never ask the answer is, “No.”
And you know that’s just not the way you should go
So you make an effort though you know it’s a guess
But sometimes guessing is what you do best

Of course there’s a chance you will make a mistake
But doing nothing is like putting both feet on the brakes
Besides, mistakes can be good, there are lessons to be learning
Meanwhile the hands on the clock are still turning

So to keep waiting longer just doesn’t make sense
You will lose more by waiting, than by sitting on the fence
If you have reasonable options, there’s no sense debating
When you could be experiencing the act of creating

You won’t realize your vision by being timid
You can’t break through barriers without pushing some limits
You must be prepared to shake off a fall
Do what you must and ignore the catcalls

When you get down to it, it’s this way every time
Something new always looks like a mountain to climb
That’s the way it is with stuff you don’t know
So, you have to figure it out as you go

Go ahead, now’s the time, to take your best shot
You may come up short, then again you may not
You may also come out with more than you wanted
Either way is better than forever being haunted

By knowing you didn’t when you had a chance
It’s that feeling of being alone at a dance
And you know you’d rather be out on the floor
So you take the first step, and then take one more


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