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I’m gonna found a startup

I’m gonna found a startup, gonna get this shit done
I’ll go faster and do more, look at me, I’m the one
I’ve got a list of 10 things, to do and I’ll be
The next Jobs or Gates, the next Musk or Jay Z

I’ll learn to code, write an app, it’s all on the list
I’ll do a quick pivot, when I know what I missed
The main thing is do something, even if its wrong
I’ve got to be first, so I can’t wait very long

My official press release, will be short and sweet
Sure as hell it will get a bunch of retweets
I’ll write a few blogs, to turn up the heat
I can see myself signing, my round-a term sheet

Then I’ll polish my deck, get another mill or so
From a VC who gets it, even though I don’t know
I’ve got a pretty good hoodie and a drawer full of tees
No doubt I’m as ready as I’ll ever be

I’ll be leading a unicorn, in no time at all
Having coffee at Starbucks, waiting for my next call
I’ll be the newest member of the Billionaires club
Eating caviar and filet instead of ramen and subs

I’ll be acquired by one of the valley tech giants
Because they’ll want access to all of my clients
I’m ahead of the game, got my exit all planned
Then I’ll go somewhere warm, with an ocean and sand

I’ve read all the blogs, this is how founders do it
For some reason most people never get around to it
But since I’ve got it all figured, it won’t be a crime
If I just hit that snooze button, one final time


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