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Good enough is good enough

Good enough is good enough you might be thinking
It isn’t pretentious at all
It’s just barely enough to keep you from sinking
It’s just barely better than a fall

But that’s all it takes in almost all cases
So there’s rarely ever a need
To ever go for perfection, to win all the races
If you really want to succeed

In fact going for perfection will definitely slow you
And in other ways it will impede
Making real progress and then manage to show you
Good enough doesn’t mean you concede

Good enough doesn’t mean you are going to settle
For mediocrity or that you don’t aspire
Good enough just means you do nothing more special
Than what a situation requires

So if you want to be first, you have to be better
And win against everyone else
But if you want to be best, then have to be clever
And only compete against yourself

Now, if you want to be to be both first and the best
You must change what it is you are doing
So you are not competing against all the rest
It’s your own path that you are pursuing

You stop playing someone else’s game
Stop letting them make all the rules
Stop thinking that you must be the same
Stop treating yourself like a fool

You are first and best, and you’re the only one
Who is doing what it is that you do
You’ll be failing in ways that will certainly stun
But you’ll also have your breakthroughs


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