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Doing nothing matters a lot more than you know

Doing nothing matters a lot more than you know
It’s really just a matter of getting into the flow
Hardly anything matters when you get down to it
Except the stuff that matters if you don’t ever do it

With so much to do doing nothing gets harder
That’s when doing nothing requires doing it smarter
The harder you don’t try the more nothing gets done
And when you’re really good at it, it’s equal to none

Doing nothing doesn’t require a to-do nothing list
You never have worry about the nothing you missed
There isn’t a schedule so you cannot be late
You don’t have to be anywhere and you never have to wait

The more you do nothing the more you get better
At doing more nothing with a whole lot less effort
To be certain there are those who find it disgusting
But they’re clearly inexperienced when it comes to doing nothing

When you want to do nothing you don’t need any gear
You can do nothing now, you can do nothing here
When there’s never a requirement that nothing be done
You can’t delegate it and let someone else have the fun

Always on-time and always under budget
No need for a meeting, no need to discuss it
Don’t sweat it, you’ve got this, you are the one
When it’s crunch-time and nothing really has to get done

You can manage doing nothing, right down to the letter
‘Cause nobody, I mean nobody, does nothing better
Just cut to the chase and get busy doing nothing
It won’t be long before the beehive is buzzing

Slash your budget and your schedule and stick your neck out
And then simply do nothing, because there’s really no doubt
You’re the one who can always get more nothing done
Better, cheaper, faster, you know you’re the one

In the end it’s the stuff someone didn’t do that matters
So it’s important to have nothing done by a master
And it’s world-class mastery that you bring to the table
You’d think people would be a little more grateful


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