closeup photography of cairn stone

How to be patient

Patience is, well, it’s patient, it cannot be rushed
It can’t be pulled, nor can it can’t be pushed

Patience is stillness in a world full of motion
A single drop of water and also an ocean

Patience is compassionate and it’s empathetic
It comes from the core, it isn’t cosmetic

It doesn’t get angry, it can’t be upset
It doesn’t need to borrow or go into debt

Patience is tolerant, understanding and restrained
It isn’t on the lookout for personal gain

Patience doesn’t have any kind of agenda
It doesn’t get bogged-down in irrelevant addenda

Patience is calm, but it knows when to move
And even when it’s ready, it has nothing to prove

Patience sits back and it watches and observes
Drawing conclusions and steering into curves

It isn’t forecasting or anticipating
So there’s no way patience can ever be frustrated

Patience isn’t that popular with most folks, you know
Because patience doesn’t care if they stay or go

It does not respond to emotions that excite
It’s insight in knowing when the timing is right

Patience doesn’t give praise nor does it criticize
Because patience doesn’t force things or compromise

Patience isn’t about showing up early or late
Because patience is about timing, not about the wait

Patience is a mystery, it isn’t something you do
You have to be willing to let patience do you


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