topless man in brown shorts sitting on rock near sea during daytime

How I learned to meditate

I guess I’ll try it, sit down, close my eyes
They say meditation, will help make you wise
They say it is healthy for your heart and your mind
They say if I do it, it’ll help me unwind
But sitting here doing nothing, damn it’s so hard
I could be doing laundry or mowing the yard
Being still is harder, I’m not used to not moving
My mind says get going, I’ve got stuff to be proving
Like how cool I am, and how much I know
I’ve got stuff to do, I have places to go
People I must be with, my schedule is dense
I can’t stop for a second, it just doesn’t make sense
I hear all this chatter and I am amazed
My mind keeps on going, it’s completely unfazed
I’ll just sit here and listen, I’m not here to judge
I’ll let it do what it wants, I won’t even nudge
It in any direction, or try to control
I won’t try to influence, I will not cajole
I don’t care what it does, I’ll just let it be
A mind doing mind things, playing mind games with me
It can do what it wants, I won’t exert any power
Now how did that happen? I’ve been here an hour


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