teal loveseat

How to succeed at failing

Your past was catching up, and you didn’t even know it
At first it was subtle, too little to notice
You got so used to having time on your side
But at some point you slipped and time started to slide

You began to push back, and succumbed to the pull
But you couldn’t do much ‘cuz your schedule was full
So your past started gaining, at first imperceptibly
And you decided to perceive it objectively

It was there behind you, right where it should be
It was in it’s place, why wouldn’t it be
It wasn’t unwieldy, it wasn’t a burden
It was your past after all, no reason to be nervous

Your past was all there in your memories
Moments that you had been able to freeze
But you ignored the fact that time’s never static
In fact most of the time it’s quite automatic

It slows down or speeds up in response to you
In the same way emotions can change their hue
And now there is nothing that you can do
Your past is speeding up and it’s gaining on you

Photo by Dan Meyers via unsplash.com


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