Comfort and growth are mutually excusive by steve rigell @

Comfort and growth are mutually exclusive

When your quest for progress is proving elusive
Remember comfort and growth are mutually exclusive
There’s no metric that will measure spiritual progression
No comparison will suffice, it’s all surrender and acceptance 
The requirement is to get out of your comfort zone
And interact with things that you’ve never known
That’s when you grow, that’s how progress is made
But no one is going to give you a grade
You’re the only one who knows if you’re making progress
There’s not a recipe or a formal process
There’s just you and what you think is the right thing to do
Stumbling in the darkness because you don’t have a clue
Because you like your comfort even though it’s what’s keeping
You from reaching beyond what you’re currently believing

Photo by Tomáš Vydržal via Unsplash


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