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I thought about giving you advice today

I thought about giving you advice today
But I couldn’t find the right words to say
I’m the one who still makes so many mistakes
Who am I to say I know what it takes

I can tell you about mistakes I have made
I can tell you about advice that I disobeyed
I can tell you about the ways that I have suffered
I can tell you about my hubris being uncovered

I can tell you about the laughs I’ve had on myself
Because I was unwilling to ask for help
I can tell about times my soul was exposed
By limitations my dear ego eagerly imposed

I can tell you about what has worked for me
I can tell you what doesn’t work in my reality
But I cannot tell you what it is you should do
In a situation where you must be you

These are things for you to decide
You buy your token and you get on the ride
And the consequences, they’re yours to embrace
When you’ve done your best, there is no disgrace

I can’t tell you what to do or how you should act
Anything I tell you will only detract
From the opportunity you’re facing right now
To figure out what your values allow

Just be true to yourself and your attitude
Always circle back to gratitude
When you don’t know something don’t say you do
And somehow things will work out for you

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