woman lying down on sofa with a book on her chest

If all your dreams had already come true

Have you ever thought about what you would do
If all your dreams had already come true
You have plenty of money a driver for your cars
People turn and admire when you walk into bars

You’re a world-class expert at something you love
The life you are leading, well, it fits like a glove
Your kids all belong in Lake Woebegone
You’re ready for whatever, you just say, “Bring it on.”

You can travel the world at the drop of a hat
You’ve gained enough weight to call yourself fat
All your relationships are completely ideal
You have to pinch yourself to make sure its all real

Everything comes so easy and it’s just what you want
And no one can tell you never or don’t
But what’s that small itch in the back of your mind
Can the universe be this perfectly aligned

Why is it you feel like you’re being confined
Could it be there’s some flaw in the overall design
Intuitively you know that you’re not satisfied
It’s a little too much to keep taking in stride

Then you realize what you have to do
And you accept it right off as if it’s your due
You’ve got to have something for which you must strive
In order to feel that you are alive

Where you take a few chances and where you might fail
Where you don’t really know, what the next step entails
Where you may have to feel a little afraid
Because this is the stuff of which dreams are made


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