opened door

If you want to know what you’re entitled to

If you want to know the one thing you’re entitled to
It’s the opportunity to be the individual who is you
Of course, you’re also entitled to the best
Wealth and fame and all kinds of success
But they’ll never be yours if you’re trying to be
Someone else in someone else’s reality
If you really want everything you’re entitled to
You must become the person who’s identity is you

Then you can have everything you want and more
It’s all waiting for you if you open that door
But you have to know before you cross that threshold
You’re going to have to let the becoming unfold
And you won’t want the things you currently desire
In fact, you have no idea what you may require
Because you’re only pretending to be someone else
Until you begin experiencing becoming yourself

It’s scary as hell to step into that darkness
To just be you, exposed in your starkness
Vulnerable and flawed and alone with no one
It seems scary as hell, it can’t be any fun
But through that door is where the adventure begins
Everything on this side is only pretend
This is your door, no one else can go through
No one can step over that threshold but you

From there the path leads forward, there’s no turning back
Becoming you is a process that removes all the slack
There’s no quitting, no stopping even if you delay
The game is right there when you’re ready to play
You’re responsible and accountable for all of your choices
For resisting the temptations of the sweet Siren voices
So what you’re entitled to is being yourself
After you stop pretending to be somebody else


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