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If you’re ever wondering, “What should I do?”

If you’re ever wondering, “What should I do?”
Your top priority should be caring for you
Especially if you have an obligation
For the well-being of friends and other relations

If caring for you is your prime pursuit
It’s easier to resolve all other disputes
When it comes to choosing what you should do
Think about the way that interest accrues

Interest is compounded a little at a time
Until eventually it’s obscene and seems like a crime
The same compounding principles can be applied to your health
If you can think about your personal well-being as wealth

It isn’t selfish at all it’s really the reverse
It’s an investment not a cost to be reimbursed
Think for a minute, this isn’t perverse
Is it better to be better, or better to be worse

Caring for you makes you a better caregiver
It gives you perspective and the ability to deliver
If you don’t care for you one day you’ll be a burden
As you linger and stumble toward your final curtain

As usual with life, there are no guarantees
There is always Murphy and other uncertainties
But if you care for yourself, you maximize your chances
To avoid at least some unpleasant circumstances

If you care for yourself, you’ll have more care for others
Family and friends, strangers and lovers
Would you rather choose to give to yourself unselfishly
Or risk the services of institutional mediocrity

Caring for you, it’s really your choice alone
You will reap the fruits of the seeds you have sown
It’s pretty well a given that if you don’t do it
No one else is gonna get around to it


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