photo of outer space

I’m optimistic

There’s not a single reason to be pessimistic today
No siree, not on your life, optimism is the way
Just take a look at everything we have that’s going for us
And I’m confident that you’ll agree, pessimism is just nuts

People still are cheating and hoping they’re not caught
Humans are not rational no matter what they’re taught
Complacency is everywhere and without a doubt it’s spreading
Even the deniers can see where climate change is heading

Politicians are still lying and nobody cares
Everyone thinks sometime they’ll be putting on airs
If those fools are optimistic, that’s good enough for me
We can wave to each other driving by on jet skis

Every institution out there is morally corrupt
They take care of vested owners, anyone else is fucked
Governments are paralyzed, and societies divided
Distribution of wealth is totally one-sided

There’s fraud in every government at every single level
The definition of politics, is making deals with the devil
The short cut to new money is get yourself elected
Then do one or two small favors for people who’re connected

Wages have stagnated while prices continue rising
Businesses cut jobs, and refer to it as downsizing
Interest rates are at zero but you can’t borrow shit
Unless you’ve got lots of money, and don’t really need it

CEOs just want to hold a parachute that’s gold
And a home in the Caribbean when New York is too cold
To hell with the environment, just watch your stock price
It seems that anything else can be sacrificed

Computers get the jobs now they’re all about automation
They don’t require any benefits and they create depreciation
They don’t take any time off and they never do get sick
They don’t forget a darn thing, and dammit they are quick

The only thing we’re producing in truly abundant supply
Is pollution that will ultimately cause all of us to die
We settle for convenience above everything else
And who wants more of it, you guessed it, it’s ourselves

There are people starving in every corner of the globe
While the wealthy are spending millions on seasonal wardrobes
The masses watch award shows and don’t even think about spoofs
If you aren’t optimistic, you’re just not looking at the proof

Damn right I’m optimistic, what else can I be
When I’m totally surrounded by mediocrity
When the question most asked is, “What’s in it for me?”
When businesses worth trillions don’t do a god damn thing

Everyone is self-destructive, no one gets a pass
Corporations want their profits so wealth can amass
Meanwhile everyone is biased and angry and frustrated
That the other side is not even willing to debate it

If you happen to be wondering where my optimism’s founded
Just think human nature, that’s where it’s grounded
We’re going to wipe ourselves out and leave the world to the ants
And perhaps a few resilient, lichen-like plants

No wonder we haven’t discovered alien life yet
It seems clear to me, in fact, I’m willing to bet
Intelligent life on a planet, advances only so far
Then destroys itself and maybe also it’s star

But don’t worry your head, you should not be concerned
The demise of our species has been rightfully earned
Just as Rome was burning while Nero’s friends dined
We will all be long gone, and the Earth will be fine

Humans should be encouraged, I say bring it all on
Get our screw-ups on the table, the conclusion is foregone
You don’t think this is optimism, then you don’t understand it
The sooner we get this shit over with, the better off the planet


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