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Intergalactic scouting report sent from Earth

They can’t hide their innate selfishness
Whatever they do, they call it their best
When they’re being benevolent they’re still being selfish
Hardly anyone ever does that thing they call selfless

They create excuses and call them reasons
And fashions are the way they tune into seasons
They’re petty and cruel and like feeling superior
They pretty much judge everything by its exterior

Sexy is the adjective they seem to prefer
Judging by the images that consistently occur
They pretend that they will never get old
And ridicule their own who are just being bold

They don’t care for criticism or for being corrected
The same goes for anytime they are rejected
They’re biased and prejudiced and completely irrational
If they don’t get their way, they’re totally implacable

Second place doesn’t count, there is only one victor
They’re always stressed out about getting richer
They’ve refined complacency into an art
It looks like they are basically hedonists at heart

They can laugh at those who are obviously hurting
And turn around from their lover and immediately start flirting
Everything they do is about pleasure or pain
They don’t like to give unless there’s something to gain

They don’t just allow suffering, they actively induce it
And for some reason do nothing at all to reduce it
They treat their poor like they are machines
Devoid of dignity, feelings or dreams

Even the way they deal with their fears
It’s always more selfish than it appears
They are unlike any other creature on their planet
Prone to overreact in self-induced panic

Warring with each other for minerals in the soil
Manufacturing reasons to create turmoil
They pollute like maniacs, on a massive scale
Some of them want to have one sex prevail

Gains always happen at someone else’s expense
They twist words to make aggression look like defense 
Always looking for loopholes to take some advantage
They take their own superiority for granted

They turn away from suffering and walk on by
A hand for a hand, an eye for an eye
Their laws are primitive, they favor the wealthy
Only small communities seem to be healthy

It’s no wonder they’ve never met any aliens
For all their technology they’re barbaric sapiens
What rational species could find volunteers
To make contact after traveling hundreds of light years

Photo by Albert Antony via Unsplash


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