silhouettes of trees under starry sky

Is there only one truth?

If there is only one consciousness, and only one truth
The multiplicity we see, is what you and I choose
We think we must have it, a convenient collusion
Making what is real seem like an illusion

Things can’t be that simple is what we would say
If we could see the universe without night and day
And through our own doubting, we always betray
Our preference for complexity, because we like it that way

When things are too complex, what we feel is the stress
When things are too simple, we think others are blessed
And in our own bodies, we feel like a guest
Never acknowledging, it’s all just a test

It’s a test that we, have created to prove
Once and for all we are ready to do
What must be done, to stop being seduced
By the things that keep me from uniting with you

There’s only one way, and it’s outside of time
But we hesitate to go there, because that paradigm
Is intellectually uncomfortable, and it seems like a crime
To deny all these pleasures, that seem so sublime

So we convince ourselves it doesn’t have to be done
Besides, why do it now and miss all this fun
And don’t we all know that in the long run
Everyone is gonna get there and we’ll all be one

But what we are missing, is that we’re really one now
And the differences we see are our own sacred cows
So we have to admit, we don’t want to allow
The one truth revealed, right here and right now

So we keep the truth hidden, deceiving ourselves
To maintain the illusion, that everything is well
We pretend separation is not really hell
That one truth, one consciousness, is too hard to sell

We’ve been convinced that no one is buying it these days
So we all stumble about going our own separate ways
Pretending that we can see through the haze
Thinking one truth, one consciousness, is just a nice sounding phrase


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