woman wearing eye covers

It isn’t who you know that matters these days

You’ve heard it said it isn’t what you know
That really matters in life
They say it’s who you know that matters the most
Especially when you’re dealing with strife

You know what you know can set you apart
But when it comes to getting stuff done
Going it alone will only get you so far
Most things take more than one

Knowing lots of people may increase your odds
Of knowing the right person to ask
But if you don’t have the right relationship in advance
You’ll find you’re talking to a mask

So that old aphorism misses the point
It’s conclusion really isn’t quite true
Who you know doesn’t actually matter as much
As who it is who really knows you

But what matters most is what they know about you
So it’s mostly a matter of trust
That will cause someone to feel inclined to help
Instead of telling you to just do what you must

It matters if they find you interesting or not
It matters if they find you like them
It matters if they want to be in your story
Or if they feel you will create mayhem

Opportunities come from relationships
Of that, there can be no doubt
But it isn’t who you know, it’s those who really know you
Who will be willing to help you out

People trust people who seem more like them
That’s the way it has always been
And it isn’t going to change because you’re in a pinch
And need someone who is more than a friend

You must invest yourself in relationships
Long before there’s ever a pressing need
Or you may never receive the assistance you want
No matter how hard you plead


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