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It was an idea I had never had

One day it was there where it wasn’t before
A random thought, like a spot on the floor
It was an idea I had never had
I didn’t think it was good, I didn’t think was bad

It was just a thought, it was fleeting and fast
I hardly even noticed the thought as it passed
It was there for an instant but gone in a wink
Like one of those towns you miss if you blink

I thought it was gone, but after a bit
It returned and I got familiar with it
Then other thoughts came and most of them went
There were even some thoughts I didn’t know what they meant

I lost it then and I thought it was gone
But there was this feeling like something was wrong
I tried to find the idea, but it was no use
So I just let it go, and made no excuse

Then out of the blue, there it was again
This time I wrote it down with a pen
I looked at my words, and wasn’t sure what to do
The words I had written were, “You need a tattoo.”

Not having a tattoo had never felt like a lack
But maybe a small one, somewhere on my back
A sword or a star in a modest grey tone
But definitely not a skull with any cross bones

Then I hesitated, “I don’t need one of these.”
So I told the idea, just go away please
But one day in a meeting I was doodling a doodle
And the thought popped up, “That could be a tatoodle.”

So I told myself, it can’t do any harm
Now I have tattoos all over both arms
My back is all covered with flowers and ships
And I’ve run out of space on both of my hips

When I look in the mirror, I say this of my ink
“I should be more careful of the thoughts that I think.”
Thoughts sneak in your head and you don’t have a say
On whether they go or whether they stay

Some thoughts seem to have a mind of their own
They start out small, but they grow till they’re grown
And when ideas get going and they get on a roll
You might have to wonder, who’s in control

Is this idea mine or am I just a tool
Can ideas really take advantage of fools
What’s really going on with this process of thought
It may not be what we think we’ve been taught

No one really knows where ideas are from
And ideas have power when their time has come
So here’s an idea you may want to discuss
Do we have ideas or do ideas have us?

Photo by Rene Madrid from Pexels


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