The tree asked for a hand

It’s the caring

You want to get better at something you love doing
It doesn’t have to be a career you’re pursuing
It can just be a feeling you get down inside
Because when you’re done you feel satisfied

You don’t become better by giving up
So at first you have to be willing to suck
And you practice for however long it takes
Learning what you can from your mistakes

It’s lonely out there just you and your dream
Out where few things are what they seem
It’s lonely treading an unmarked path
Flirting with the unknown and risking its wrath

You have a vision of where you are going
But you take each step never really knowing
Whether your next step will be into thin air
But you take it just the same because you care

You care because you must, you hear it in your voice
And not caring is really never a choice
Not caring is the way of those who don’t dream
Those who aren’t aware, whose life lacks a theme

Without care you become your own adversary
And for you there is not a prospect more scary
The difference to you could not be more glaring
You noticed it right away, the moment you began caring

It’s the caring that sustains you even when you feel small
It’s the caring that picks you up when you fall
It’s the caring that causes you to stand out
It’s the caring that pushes you through your own doubt

Without caring you don’t know where you would be
Even though it’s constraining, you know you are free
Because it doesn’t limit you, it enables you to dare
And that is the irony, the beauty of care


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