man standing in the middle of woods

It’s your choice

It’s your choice
There is no reason to find happiness
There is no need to find yourself
Happiness isn’t lost and neither are you
Happiness doesn’t need to be found
Nor do you
Both are right where you left them
When you forgot how to choose them
Happiness must be chosen
Who you are is a gazillion choices
In a perpetual process of choosing

Happiness is one of the things you can choose
Or not choose
So stop fucking around and choose it
If that’s what you want
Then, just do it
Don’t look back
Or complain about your lack
Don’t look for it
Or try to become it
Just fucking choose it

Choose happiness
Choose success
Choose whatever you choose to choose
Choose it then do it
Choose something different if that’s what you choose
Then do it

It’s okay
Sometimes the lines you are reciting
No longer fit the story you are living
Being yourself is the process of practicing choosing
Choosing is the process of living
So it pays to be good at it

Choosing then doing
Choosing and doing what you choose
Until you choose to choose something different
You’ll get better at it the more you practice
If that’s what you choose
If you accept yourself
As your responsibility
It’s your choice

If you don’t choose it somebody else
Gonna choose it for you


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