woman looking at her reflection in mirror

I’ve noticed something about my self-esteem

I’ve noticed something about my self-esteem
Because of the way that it makes things seem
I look at myself and I’m always better
Than everyone else, why, I’m the pacesetter
It doesn’t matter who I’m comparing to myself
Somehow I’m better than everyone else
I’m talented, good-looking, and smart as a whip
I’m funny and kind and fast with a quip
I’m a really good listener and I’m willing to share
I’m polite and courteous and don’t ever stare
It’s not that I feel particularly superior
But why is everyone else so damn inferior
It seems like other people are not even thinking
They do stupid shit without even blinking
No one seems to notice all the stuff they do wrong
I’m so glad I don’t have to be part of that throng
The better I know someone the better I compare
I’m so far ahead it just doesn’t seem fair
To tell you the truth, it’s a little bit scary
That everyone else is so ordinary
But what the heck is a person to do
It’s probably better no one else has my point of view
The only problem is there is no one I can trust
It’s a little bit lonely, but I must do what I must
Someone else like me, why that’s inconceivable
Utterly impossible, completely unbelievable
Just take my word for it, I’m sure you’ll agree
The world just isn’t ready for more than one me


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