couple holding hands

Jonas and Julie

You need to be more productive, here’s the latest technique
You must get more stuff done, everyday, every week
If you aren’t doing more how can you compete
It’s all up to you, now go turn up the heat

Jonas Martin had been reading blog after blog
Wondering why they all advocated this slog
He felt like his mind was emerging from a fog
He had no more appetite for these monologues

Promising happiness, productivity and good
Targeting the millions who didn’t think that they could
Receive any benefit from a long list of shoulds
These articles almost guaranteed instant sainthood

These bloggers all seemed to be writing the same
It’s had gotten to where it was all sounding lame
Ten things you can do to win any game
Now recommend my article and build up my fame

Better yet buy my course and learn everything I know
Surely you’ve got several hundred dollars to blow
Check it all out in this exclusive video
Just give me your email address down below

Jonas didn’t mind work but he loathed his employer
He was not on the inside, not even in the foyer
The people on the fast track all acted like lawyers
And his boss at his company was an employee destroyer

Jonas knew for certain that he knew how to work
So it wasn’t that he was the type who would shirk
Nor was he content with just being a clerk
But he did want some time to enjoy his perks

For awhile now Jonas had been having his doubts
The more productive he was the more he had to put out
Being on all the time was burning him out
Where he wanted to go would require a different route

He would choose other outcomes to define his success
The main thing he wanted was reducing the stress
He was perfectly willing to be comfortable with less
How to get it done though would be just a guess

Jonas had other interests, he wanted to write
Stories about the conflict between dark and light
Stories of the heroism of dystopian knights
He knew that he had a good feel for the fight

Fewer commitments and more discretionary time
Instead of constantly toeing the line
Of increasing obligations always on the climb
Why not sit on the deck with a bottle of wine

Maybe even read an old fashioned book
Maybe go somewhere new just to play or to look
Jonas thought he would even learn how to cook
And he had started carrying a small sketch book

He had no idea what he should do next
Except keep it simple instead of complex
He knew deep down there was no list to check
It would just have to be an ongoing project

He gave himself permission to make lots of mistakes
He told himself rules were just something to break
Make it up as you go, seemed like the right way
These were the risks Jonas wanted to take

Jonas was moving from a life prearranged
Toward a new future uncertain and strange
He wanted a life where he didn’t feel shortchanged
He had no idea how his life would be changed

You see, Jonas had a wife and a child on the way
It was their future too, that he had to weigh
It was Julie’s concerns he would have to allay
In his heart he knew what Julie would say

Jonas struggled daily for just the right words
To tell Julie his dreams and not sound absurd
But he knew he must give her a chance to be heard
The more he analyzed the more his vision was blurred

He didn’t want to sound selfish, he wanted to sound bold
But there were so many things he couldn’t control
So many choices that could not be foretold
In a life with no path, that did not fit a mold

Meanwhile Julie was already making her nest
She was content and settled, thinking only the best
Overwhelmed with gratitude for the ways they were blessed
Eating right and making certain she was getting her rest


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