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Let me tell you a little about yes and no

Let me tell you a little about yes and no
Their power is your intent, whether you want to go
What you want to limit, what you want to enhance
Are You leading you as you step through the dance

Some people maintain, every yes you say
Is a decision that leads you further away
From the things in your life that really matter most
Some people maintain this is overly morose

Some people think no is totally negative
Some people treat is as a kind of expletive
But no is right there, it’s partnered up with yes
Between the two of them can be order and mess

Yes and no are opposites that are endlessly inventive
They’re so simple they require you to be infinitely attentive
Their power is which one you choose in the moment
When you either must take action or keep your options open

When you say no, you’ve eliminated one choice
Every other option still has a voice
You must continue to say no to all other options
Till you get to a choice that’s ripe for adoption

Say yes and you’ve excluded every other action
That’s total exclusion, not just a fraction
Your time and effort and attention are committed
Unless you change your mind which is also permitted

Changing your mind is like zeroing in
On the best choice for you to get involved in
You might invest a little time, but you’ll still be learning
And in the long-run your choices will be more discerning

So don’t hesitate if you feel the need
To change your choice, if it will help you succeed
No choices are final, it’s all up to you
You’re the one who’s responsible for you when you’re through

You’ve got to be careful when you use yes and no
These two little words can be the cause of much woe
Or they can be used to stay in the flow
It’s all about intention, what you want to show

Productivity is mostly about saying no
About limiting your options and being a pro
Inspiration on the other hand is comfortable with yes
With random situations and an open process

There will always be a need to master them both
If you’re ultimately interested in personal growth
Mastery is keeping one foot on the ledge
And stepping forward with the other when you can’t see the edge

This doesn’t scratch the surface of this simple concept
Or the effort required to become an adept
But it’s clear yes and no deserve more attention
Than their customary cursory honorable mention

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