man in green suit riding yellow car figurine

Let’s talk about cars and guns

The government requires drivers to take driver’s tests
Because driving is so dangerous that’s one reason I guess
Vehicles must be registered and all taxes paid
And they must be insured or they don’t make the grade
Vehicles are inspected at the same time each year
To make sure that each driver is using good gear

Why the hell don’t we do the same thing for guns
And make sure we protect all our daughters and sons
Does anyone believe guns are less harmful than cars
When you average for usage and how many there are
Wake up, America, its time to stand up
To the NRA and get this gun mess cleaned up

There I’ve come out and said it, now I’m on a list
And gun owners everywhere are royally pissed
But legitimate gun owners shouldn’t object to control
Just like drivers they should look at the overall goal
Get all the guns registered and get them insured
Then tax them annually and make sure they’re secured

This doesn’t invade privacy or constitutional vows
Though I’m sure this position is going to arouse
The usual chorus of gun owner fears
About the need for government to not interfere
But that’s exactly the thing our government must do
And it will if this issue is crucial to you

Like drivers, gun owners should submit to a test
Just to make sure that they are doing their best
And transfer of ownership should be just like with cars
We’ve got the technology, it can’t be that hard
If we get enough voices to speak in support
This can be in the next State of the Union report

If it doesn’t get done, why there’s no one to blame
But ourselves for being lazy, but this isn’t a game
We’re letting a minority completely hold sway
When the rest of the world has shown us the way
If we let it continue it’s no fault but our own
So contact your senators by email or phone

Send them a message at least once a day
Let them know you are watching and won’t go away
Let them know that their vote on the issue of arms
Must consider the choice that reduces the harm
Experienced by victims who didn’t have any choice
And that you have decided you are their voice


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