all-white snowscape with one barren tree, still and silent... listen to the silence

Listen to the silence

Listen for the silence, for silence speaks
Eloquently of eternity, of emptiness
Of nothing at all and yet vast as everything that is
Silence sits softly beneath all that exists
The foundation for life, the essence of death
It smiles with understanding at those who fear it
And for those who don’t, it remains an unsolved mystery
A slight-of-hand illusion that intimately implies something more
A seductress who can’t be resisted once you perceive her undressed
Without artifice she tempts you beyond place and self
To merge with infinite existence
Silence is the sound of memories and thoughts
Calm and aware, patient and expectant, vigilant and relaxed


Silence is the sound of solitary sitting, immersed in flow
Plugged in, connected, full of potential
It resonates with being and becoming and dreaming, and things you just know
Without hearing or seeing but somehow feeling
It is found inside spaces and within pauses and between places
Between breaths as you give and receive
and the notes of a mockingbird’s song in the night right before you drop off to sleep
Listen for it between your words as you speak
Listen for it…


Photo by Fabrice Villard via Unsplash


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