leafless tree in body of water during daytime

Listening to the silence

Your inner critic’s voice is beguiling and seduces
With its emotional logic and appealing excuses
It tells you it has your best interests at heart
It’s always been there for you from the start

Your inner critic seems to know you so well
It doesn’t raise its voice, it doesn’t shout or yell
It knows just how to phrase things so you understand
And if you need its advice, it’s right there at hand

But eventually you learn your inner critic can’t be trusted
You see it for what it is, and you are disgusted
With yourself for believing its twisted advice
It’s always persuasive, convincing, and concise

Do the opposite of what your inner critic wants you to do
The harder it seems the better for you
If your critic tells you don’t, then you know that you must
If your critic says go ahead, it is probably just lust

One thing your inner critic will never advise
It will do anything to convince you it’s unwise
It will stand against you in open defiance
If you’re ever tempted to listen to the silence

The silence is death to your inner critic’s chatter
It will tell you that the silence just doesn’t matter
It will tell you silence is less than nothing
It will be clear your inner critic isn’t bluffing

Your inner critic will tell you silence doesn’t even have a voice
But if you listen to the silence because you have a choice
And if you listen to the silence till you can hear nothing else
Your inner critic will be silenced as you experience your self

Then follow the silence and go where it leads
You can always trust silence because it has no needs
It has no agenda, it is simply the way
Nothing more, nothing less, it won’t lead you astray


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